Itani Twist Tie s.a.r.l

Is a family owned company located in Beirut, Lebanon. Founded in 1969 by Mostafa S. Itani, it started as a manufacturer of food machinery.

In 1980, this family business was continued by sons Imad and Issam Itani. With an innovated mind set and wide engineering background, Itani brothers succeeded in expanding the scope of their business to include food machinery, bread ovens industry, in addition to several plastic products.

In 2000, the company launched a new product of twist ties of various specifications, invested in advanced manufacturing technology for production supported with skilled labor, and expanded its distribution channels in the local market and to reach all Middle East, Arab Gulf, and African countries. Our monthly production now exceeds 12 tons.

The company is committed to providing products of high quality at competitive prices to achieve customer satisfaction by fulfilling their various needs and finding the right solution.

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Our Major Products
Twist Tie Products

Various types of twist ties are available, with different colors and sizes.

Food Machines

High quality Design and production upon request.

Plastic Base Leveling Mount

These products provide solid leveling and support for appliances resting on uneven surfaces.